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My Naso Fix Review - Read Before You Buy !

Through much reseach I have discovered that Nasofix is runned by the same Filipino people who sells Nose magic which is another scam on the internet. no wonder that me and my friend Jhonny was scammed out of our money. He decided to order Nose magic and I got Nasofix, we were both dissapointed and scammed by this fake fillipino company. when we ordered out Nasofix and nose magic, they wanted us to send money to some address in Asia, can you believe it. this thing is a huge scam. try ordering their product by western Union and see for yourself, they will send you an email with an Asian address of where to send the money and you will never hear from them again, you might not even get your product. Nasofix and Nose magic. I feel like I have basically been robbed by this FAKE filipino company, with no address and no phone number. The money has been withdrawn from my account and I am pissed that I wasn't even able to use the product and get the desired results promissed to me. to my surprise this scam with nose magic and Nasofix has been going on for quiet some time now, I have read and talked to many people online who claimed that this FAKE filipino company claiming to be Nose magic and Nasofix have been stealing customers credit card numbers and charging them monthly fees for a while now. The better business bureau cannot do anything about this because Nasofix and Nose right are in another country. This is why this FAKE company is a scam, everyone just be aware of the Nasofix scam and Nose magic scam.

By Michael Steinberg


Naso Fix Review

The Scam Explained

NasoFix is a device which copied the popular "Nose Right' and claims to work above all rhinoplasty alternatives. After a thorough review we noticed that the alleged doctor Dr. George Buchanan is NOT a doctor, but a paid actor from the Philipines. Your nose can be reshaped, but the only doctor approved rhinoplasty alternative is the Nose Right.

Below is a video on a REAL doctor explaining a Nose Job Alternative that works:


Above is a real United States doctor explaining how the Nose Right reshapes your nose to make it smaller without surgery. your cartilage is mostly made up of water and a flexible matrix which can, over time be reshaped. Read on below to see a string of reviews which were compiled from blogs and actual users who claimed to buy the nasofix. Back To Home