My Experience

Naso Fix Review

The Scam Explained

NasoFix is a device which copied the popular "Nose Right' and claims to work above all rhinoplasty alternatives. After a thorough review we noticed that the alleged doctor Dr. George Buchanan is NOT a doctor, but a paid actor from the Philipines. Your nose can be reshaped, but the only doctor approved rhinoplasty alternative is the Nose Right.

Below is a video on a REAL doctor explaining a Nose Job Alternative that works:


Above is a real United States doctor explaining how the Nose Right reshapes your nose to make it smaller without surgery. your cartilage is mostly made up of water and a flexible matrix which can, over time be reshaped. Read on below to see a string of reviews which were compiled from blogs and actual users who claimed to buy the nasofix.

My NasoFix Review

I purchased the Nasofix over 6 months ago and I was very dissapointed with the prodcut and its results. First of all there was no difference at all in the appearance in my nose, other than me not being able to breath. Nasofix looks pretty comfortable which is one of the reasons why I fell for the nasofix scam. Don't be fooled by the appearance of the product, the way they make it look very nice and comfortable. Nasofix took many weeks to be dellivered to my house, and when it did came it looked as if it went through a battle to get to me. the pakage was torn a little bit, and when I opened the product it was dirty. I was not about to put some dirty cheap plastic on my nose, that is a very sensitive area. I decided to call them and get to the bottom of it, but I never got no answer, by the way Nasofix is not even a real company; which is why I think that Nasofix is a huge scam. I tried cleaning the product off, so I can at least try it and see if it would actually do something for hump on my nose, and there was no difference at all after weeks of wearing the darn thing. I tried sending them an email expressing my concerns about their product but I got no response. I feel as though I have been scammed and that Nasofix itself is a Huge scam, and this is why I am writing this review so anybody and everybody out there thinking of buying this Nasofix product to be aware. You will be scammed out of your money for a product that isn't even worth a dime, let alone a penny. for all of you who has bought the product, there will be nothing that you can do because they will never respond to your email, or calls. Read More